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Mobile apps are fast & smooth

Web sites are slow & clunky

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Growth in mobile share of Web traffic, 2011-2023

Who needs mobile?

Mobile is the modern way to do business
Any business... every business
Large business... small business
Your business should be mobile
Modern mobile

What's wrong with most mobile?

Mobile Web lacks the speed & smoothness of mobile apps

Native apps offer limited Web functionality

our “Web app” provides the speed and smoothness of a native app plus un-limited Web functionality

What is modern mobile?

Why don't you have a mobile app?

You invested in developing a Web site

You can deploy your Web site as a mobile app

Simply modern mobile

Mobile App News!

What type of companies use PWAs?

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are being used by a variety of businesses across various industries. Here are some examples: E-commerce businesses: Many e-commerce businesses are using PWAs to provide their customers with a fast and seamless shopping experience. PWAs can provide features like offline support, push notifications, and add-to-home-screen, making it easier for customers to make purchases on the go.

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Companies That Use PWAs

Many companies and organizations are using progressive web apps (PWAs) to provide their users with a better mobile experience. Some of the companies that have adopted PWAs include: Twitter: Twitter Lite is a PWA that provides a fast and reliable experience for users, with offline support and a data-saving mode. Forbes: Forbes’ PWA provides a fast, immersive experience for users

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PWAs Are The Future!

The Rise of PWAs! In recent years, there has been a growing trend in web development towards progressive web apps (PWAs). A PWA is essentially a web app that is designed to work just like a native mobile app, with features like push notifications, offline functionality, and the ability to be added to a user’s home screen. In this blog

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What are the influencers saying?

You have a Web site that is optimized for desktop

You have a Web site that is optimized for mobile

but... you don't have a mobile app

Go from Web to mobile

AppEasy is the easiest way in the world to get mobile

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  1. We connect to your Web site
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