As the founders of AppEasy, we are passionate about user experience and human-centric design. Our pedigree even includes U.S. patents in Web architecture and user experience. The mobile phenomenon brings experience advantages that are almost too numerous to count… and Web activity has shifted dramatically from the desktop to the smartphone. While Web viewers have clearly voted for the mobile form factor, Web publishers have lagged behind — especially small publishers. Our vision at AppEasy is to eliminate the real and perceived barriers to the mobile realm and “democratize” the mobile experience for small publishers… thereby extending that experience to their corresponding followers. We call this movement modern mobile.

Small publishers that lack an optimized mobile presence are risking irrelevance and declining competitiveness. A strong mobile presence is “entry stakes” for any modern business — large or small. Mobile presence is more than just the mobile Web — a premium mobile experience means the speed and smoothness of a mobile app. Contrary to conventional wisdom, deploying a mobile app doesn’t need to be a complex and expensive undertaking. At AppEasy, we deploy any Web site as a Web app… quickly, easily, and economically. Our app builder deploys a mobile app that combines the comprehensive functionality of a Web site with the smooth experience of a mobile app. Our mobile app runs on both Android and iOS platforms… and it eliminates the complexity and cost of conventional “app stores”. Your followers can install your mobile app directly from your Web site… no muss / no fuss!

Our solution requires zero technical expertise. You may have encountered “DIY” app builders; the problem with “DIY” is… “DIY”. You need to do it… yourself. And it’s more complex than it appears… which is why most small Web publishers don’t offer a mobile app. At AppEasy, we don’t make you do the work… we do it for you. As if all of these advantages weren’t enough, our customer-centric orientation compels us to encourage adoption with a money-back guarantee. How can you possibly go wrong?

Join us in the modern mobile revolution!